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Fiduciary Care

What does “fiduciary care” mean in estate agency?

When enlisting the services of a London World Class estate agent, you will likely hear the phrase ‘fiduciary’ brought up regularly. It is important to us that you truly understand what it means to receive a genuinely fiduciary service and why it is a core tenet of how we operate as a company.

According to Collins Dictionary, “Fiduciary is used to talk about things which relate to a trust, or to the people who are in charge of a trust.” To put this in perspective when it comes to estate agents providing their clients with outstanding service, there is no one better to explain it than Keller Williams co-founder, Gary Keller.

As Gary puts it, “For the very best real estate agents there is a level of service they provide that goes beyond even their purpose and value proposition. It is the commitment they make to the buyer and seller to act as a true fiduciary—to place their client’s interests ahead of the interests of all others, including their own.”

London World Class agents are taught to go above and beyond the transactional services provided by most traditional estate agencies. When you move with a London World Class agent, you shouldn’t just expect the highest levels of service, but an experience that allows you to trust in your agent to work in your best interest throughout every stage of your property journey.

Chances are, you have dealt with at least one estate agent in your lifetime. Enlisting a London World Class agent should demonstrate a level of quality that you haven’t experienced before and truly show you the difference between adequate and exceptional service, or as we tend to refer to it, the difference between Fiduciary and Functional service.

We provide our agents with industry-leading training and technology so they have the necessary tools to deliver a service that revolutionises the way estate agency works in the UK. All of this is to help ensure you achieve the results you want, in the time you want and with the ease you deserve when you move, all from a trusted professional.

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