London World Class


What relationship-based estate agency means to us and what that means for you

At London World Class, our view is that building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships is not just more enjoyable, but it is also more productive. High-street agents can seem to be locked into the traditional approach to the service they can provide, which can be and feel very transactional, meaning they are very unlikely to be invested sufficiently to want to build a relationship with their customers that will last longer than the transaction itself.

The difference with London World Class agents is that they focus on building relationships with their clients, regardless of whether they are actually buying or selling, by consistently adding value to their lives, sometimes property related, sometimes not.

The way we think of our business is that if we know and care about a group of people and build relationships and trust with them, they are likely to want to use our services whenever they have a property need because they will prefer to deal with a trusted friend.

We also think it is likely that if they receive an amazing service, they are likely to recommend us to their friends and family, very similarly to how many mortgage brokers in the UK. We want to become our customers’ go-to property resource as many Mortgage Brokers are the go-to financial resource for their clients.

We believe that loyalty and genuine care for our clients is the best way to operate any business, especially in estate agency, London World Class agents don’t expect customers to feel forced into using their services, rather, they must earn your business and advocacy.

For a London World Class agent, the long-term relationship with their customers is much more important than any transaction.

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