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Jodie Stubbington

Property Advisor

Meet Jodie Stubbington your dedicated estate agent with a unique blend of hospitality expertise and real estate acumen, specializing in the picturesque Sussex and Southdown’s area. With a background steeped in the art of hospitality, Jodie seamlessly combines her passion for creating memorable experiences with her dedication to helping clients find their perfect homes. With a passion for connecting clients with their dream homes, Jodie brings a wealth of local knowledge and industry expertise to every transaction. Gaining a qualification in Interior design, Jodie possesses a refined sense of style and ability to envision the full potential of a space making sure your property will always stand out from the crowd.

Having honed her skills in delivering exceptional service and anticipating clients’ needs, Jodie brings a warm and attentive approach to the world of real estate. Her ability to create meaningful connections, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the local market trends, sets her apart in assisting buyers, sellers, and investors.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge of the area, Jodie not only provides expert guidance on property values and investment opportunities but also offers insights into the hidden gems, lifestyle amenities, and community nuances that make Sussex and South Downs truly special. Whether you’re seeking a quaint cottage, a waterside oasis, or a serene countryside retreat, Jodie is dedicated to curating a tailored experience that exceeds your expectations.

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